Hustling Hinkler

D R Dymock

The short tumultuous life of Bert Hunkler, a trailblazing Australian aviator.

Part adventure, part mystery and part tragedy, Hustling Hinkler is an unforgettable true story.

Herbert John Louis Hinkler was a working-class lad, born in Queensland, in 1892. Early on Bert was captivated by stories of flight and, inspired by the Wright brothers he build his first plane while still a teenager. Determined to make a life of adventure, he became a mechanic for a barnstorming pilot before making his way to England. At the outbreak of the First World War he joined up, becoming a decorated air gunner before achieving his pilot's wings in the RAF. Ambition finally aligned with skill, and he became famous for his death-defying aviation triumphs. In 1928 he thrilled the world with his first solo flight from England to Australia and another across the South Atlantic in 1931.

Yet behind this publicly feted hero was a complex man who struggled to find his place in the world when not in the sky. He desperately clung to his dreams, despite the odds against him. Tragically, Bert's pioneering attempts came to an abrupt end on 7 January 1933, while attempting another solo flight from England to Australia.

Dymock's insightful biography reveals the many intriguing facets of this outstanding aviator, the circumstances that led to that final, fatal flight, and the three women he left behind.

Soft cover, 352 pages.