This intimate war: Gallipoli/Canakkale 1915

Robyn Rowland. Turkish translations by Mehmet Ali Celikel SHOP:9780734051004
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Highly respected and eminent Australian scholar Dr Robyn Rowland, has played a leading part in contemporary studies on women’s rights, identity and social issues, while also being a much-admired and internationally acclaimed poet. Among her poetical interests is the Gallipoli battles and the agonizing but also heroic Anzac experience of these battles. This book of Gallipoli poems is the outcome of her thoughts and sentiments intensely felt and expressed. She has looked at the Gallipoli experience not only through the eyes of the Anzacs but also through the eyes of the Turkish soldiers.

Robyn Rowland's book of poetry includes her original text in English, with Turkish translation by Mehmet Ali Celikel alongside.

Soft cover, 119 pages.

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