When the hipchicks went to war

Pamela Rushby

The sixties are in full swing, and going to war is the last thing on 16 year old Kathy's mind. It's all about miniskirts, the Beatles and her fab new boots. But the world is rapidly changing, her brother is fighting in the Vietnam War and her best friend is protesting against it.

Kathy simply wants to live life and experience a world beyond her suburban existence. So when the chance comes for her to dance with an entertainment troop in Vietnam, she slips on her boots, walks away from her convent school, and heads off to war. But Kathy soon finds the reality of war is no song and dance. This go-go girl will never be the same again...

Soft cover, 288 pages.

As promoted in the Australian War Memorial Education Resources 2014 newsletter. Product features a 10% discount, no further reductions apply.

When the hipchicks went to war