Cheer Up, Mate! Second World War Humour

Alan Weeks

Cheer Up, Mate! Is a compilation of comical tales and anecdotes from the Second World War. Between 1939 and 1945 the world witnessed what is generally agreed to be the most horrific war in history. Millions died and millions more were physical or psychologically wounded by the conflict.

Yet amidst the pain and devastation, people were not only able to survive, but also managed to maintain a sense of humour. For some, it was precisely this ability to laugh at their misfortunes (and those of the other side) that enabled them to solider on.

This collection of mostly British stories, which covers the armed forces and civilians from both sides, demonstrates how humour can survive even in the most unlikely circumstances.

Soft cover, photographs, 223 pages.

Cheer Up, Mate! Second World War Humour