The Second World War - A complete history

Martin Gilbert

Martin Gilbert's history of the Second World War is a comprehensive survey of the war on every front, on land, on sea and in the air, set out as a compelling chronological narrative in which both the politicians and the commanders, and the soldiers and civilians, are given equal weight. He describes many acts of heroism and of desperation, great suffering, and great courage. The fate of the Jewish people is described as an integral part of the historical narrative. The book moves from all the battlefronts, including those in Europe, Asia and the Pacific, to life behind the lines and under occupation. The fate of relatively small groups, such as the gypsies, is not overlooked. Following his description of the defeat of Japan, Gilbert has two chapters on retribution and remembrance and on the 'unfinished business of the war', pointing out how many soldiers and civilians had their lives scarred by the war. This is a new edition, first published in 1989. Soft cover, photographs, maps, 846 pages.