The cost of courage

Carla Evans

Courage defined means to continue to act in spite of fears.

Australia sent approximately 50,000 men and women to a war in Vietnam and courage was shown every day of the 12 months served. The majority of those servings were National Servicemen; young men who, 12 months earlier, were ignorant of the art of war and many of whom were innocent and naive about live and death. The disciplined training of our DefenceForces was well rewarded with members conducting themselves with bravery and honour.

This courage came at a cost: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, physical battles as a result of chemical Agent Orange, broken promises of the Government and the grief of rejection by many of their fellow Australians and local RSL’s caused a war within a war to be fought. Sadly for some, it was all too much 

Soft cover, photographs, 312 pages.