A war at home: a comprehensive guide to the first Japanese attacks on Darwin

Tom Lewis

 Tom Lewis presents A war at home to fill the gaps of the war in Northern Australia during the Second World War, and to provide this information in a simple and straightforward manner. This third edition features:

  • The background to that initial battle;
  • Accounts of the fight in the air; at sea and on the land;
  • An explanation of the consequences and the aftermath to those first raids;
  • Further developments as the war continued in the north;
  • A guide to today’s Sites of Significance;
  • A casualty Roll;
  • A list of Army Units present in the Northern Territory throughout the war;
  • A list of the air units deployed from 1941-45 and a list of the 64 air raids;
  • A complete index, and
  • An extensive list of photographs and maps.

 Soft cover, third edition, photographs, 76 pages.