The Diggers view: WW1 in colour

Juan Mahony

The Digger's view: WW1 in colour takes a new approach to the First World War. The collaboration between Juan Mahony and Kent Rowe Digital Print, has resulted in a unique and fresh look at Australia and the Great War.

Five years in planning and production, the book has been released to coincide with the centenary of this important part of Australian history. All the images have been painstakingly colourised to accurately portray what the digger's world was like and how they saw themselves. The narrative text of the participants further enhances the personal perspective.

Although colour photography was around prior to 1903, the Lumière brothers, Auguste and Louis, patented the process in 1903 and developed the first colour film in 1907. The French army was the primary source of colour photos during the course of the First World War, however, the famous Australian official photographer, Frank Hurley also experimented with colour photography.

Each photograph in this books has been painstakingly hand coloured and restored. Each high resolution image takes between 1 day to 1 month to complete, and the attention to detail in the colouring process achieves results far superior to automated recolouring techniques.

Hard cover, photographs, 270 pages.