Looking Forward Looking Back

Christopher Jobson

Customs and Traditions of the Australian Army. Our Army boasts a broad variety of traditions, some of which belong to the Service as a whole, others to a particular corps, regiment or rank. These customs and traditions vary: some are solemn, others are humorous and still others incorporate the rules of social etiquette, manners and style. Many of these customs and traditions are derived from the battle tactics and fighting attire of old. Some of the drill movements seen on today’s parade ground, were originally practiced by soldiers in battle. Various elements of the Aussie soldier’s uniform had practical uses in combat and some customs retain their original use as they did hundreds of years ago. This book was written by Christopher Jobson, a Vietnam Veteran who discharged after 30 years of professional soldiering. In his final years of service Chris served as the Army’s Regimental Sergeant-Major, Ceremony and Protocol. Looking Forward, Looking Back, with a foreword written by Vice Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General David Hurley will ensure that the military heritage that created the foundations of the fighting force of today is not lost over time. Hard cover, photographs and illustrations, 234 pages.