Battlefield Korea

Maurie Pears

Korean battle honours of the Royal Australian Regiment 1950 - 1953.

The Korean War has been branded the ‘Forgotten War’, a lonely, thankless, unromantic conflict fought in a remote corner of the globe. It was so soon after the Second World War that some saw it as a sad little echo, but it was a war that cast 1,584 Australian casualties including 340 dead.

Battlefield Korea casts fresh light on that sadly unremembered conflict, documenting the heroism of the Australian soldiers from the Yalu to Pusan and back including Kapyong, Kowang San, Maryang San and Samichon, and The Hook. The Battle honours and individual citations encapsulate the courage, determination and mateship of the Royal Australian Regiment soldiers in battle.

Imperial and American award recipients are included as are those Mentioned in Dispatches and the citations give a remarkable battlefield authenticity.

Soft cover, photographs, illustrations, maps, 129 pages.