The name's still Charlie - Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Green, DSO

Olwyn Green

A biography of an infantry commander.

This is the story of Charles Green, a typical Australian who demonstrated great leadership in both the Second World War and Korean War. Years after her husband met his untimely death in Korea, Olwyn Green embarked on a journey to understand his military career.  Behind the man she had only known as her husband was the heroic soldier whose war experience she had never fully appreciated.

Charles Green trained in 41 Militia Battalion in the 1930s and the joined the AIF in 1939, the day recruiting started. As an officer to 2/2 Infantry Battalion he served in the Middle East, and then in Greece where he was involved in the fighting withdrawal against the Germans. He was near to capture, but escaped to safety via Turkey. On the AIF’s return to the Pacific, he was eventually appointed CO of 2/11 Infantry Battalion and led them in the North New Guinea campaigns.

After a spell as a post war civilian, he re-joined the army and as Lieutenant Colonel took 3RAR to the Korean War in 1950. It was after leading the battalion successfully in a difficult battle in North Korea that a stray shell mortally wounded him.

Hard cover, photographs, 324 pages.