From Gallipoli to Palestine

Compiled by Kevin Clunie and edited by Ron Austin

 The war writings of Sergeant GT Clunie of Wellington Mounted Rifles, 1914-1919. From Gallipoli to Palestine provides a view of the historic ANZAC operations at Gallipoli, then the successful campaign in Egypt and Palestine. Garry Clunie sailed from New Zealand in late 1914 with the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment and did not return home until 1919. For much of the next few years at war he maintained a dairy of daily events. Of even more importance were the numerous, often frank and apparently uncensored letters he wrote to his older brother Will. Clunies war writings are an unvarnished and fascinating story of war, told through the eyes of a young farmer who had enlisted to serve his country and the Empire at a time of need. The book is profusely illustrated with photographs taken by Sergeant Clunie during his service in the Middle East and compliments this soldier’s story of life in the Gallipoli trenches then in the sands of the Sinai desert and finally in the hills of Palestine.

Hard cover, photographs, 223 pages.