Forgotten men

Michael Tyquin

The Australian Army Vetinary Corps 1909 - 1946.

The Australian Army Veterinary Corps made a significant contribution to the Australian Army of in both the First and Second World Wars. One of the army’s smallest and least recognised corps, its humble beginnings and quiet work in the background belie the crucial role of the Corps in supporting wartime operations and dealing with logistical issues never envisaged before 1915.

Animals were an intrinsic part of war, but like the soldiers they carried or supported, they too had to be fed and watered, rested and cared for. Working quietly behind the scenes were the members of the Corps who laboured to ensure that horses and mules, camels and dogs and pigeons all played their part in bringing about victory. Stoic and hardworking, they unselfishly worked among the horrors of war, to provide the support needed for army units and their animals.

Hard cover, 480 pages.