Crossing the Wire: the untold stories of Australian POWs in battle and captivity during WWI

David Coombes

The experiences of Australian POWs in Germany during the First World War have been largely forgotten or ignored. Yet their stories are significant - they reveal what young Australian soldiers experienced, and the spirit they showed in responding to captivity. Their accounts also provide an insight into Germany during the last eighteen months of the war.

Drawing on previously inaccessible records, David Coombes focuses on one Australian brigade, the 4th Infantry, from its formation in 1914 to its baptism of fire on the Western Front, culminating in the first battle of Bullecourt and German captivity. What remained constant for these young POWs, and gave them reason to stay alive in often horrendous circumstances, was their desire to be free - to get home to their loved ones in Australia.

Hard cover, photographs, 407 pages.

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