Australia's Dambusters

Colin Burgess

The men and the missions of 617 RAF Squadron.

It is now 70 years since the Dams Raid and most of the men involved have left us but Colin Burgess has ensured that we will never forget them. This history of 617 RAF Squadron (Dambusters) tells their proud and courageous story.

The spectacular raids on the Ruhr dams in Germany were the peak of the Squadron’s exploits but carrying massive ‘Tallboy’ and ‘Grand Slam’ bombs they later smashed much of the Nazi infrastructure.

One particularly important success was the final sinking of the German battleship, Tirpitz, in a Norwegian Fjord, thus eliminating a major naval threat.

Colin Burgess interviewed many of the original crew members of 617 Squadron for his original book published in 2003. This new edition includes many more photos and new information, making the story even more comprehensive.

Soft cover, photographs, 262 Pages.