The promise - the town that never forgets

Written by Derek Guille, Illustrated by Kaff-eine, Translated by Anne-Sophie Biguet

A story in both English and French.

Most people know very little about a town in France called Villers-Bretonneux. It is the people of this town that continue to keep a promise made almost a century ago, to never forget the Australians who saved them in the First World War. The promise tells the story in both English and French of this town and the friendship that has grown as a result of this promise. In 2007 members of the Brass Section of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra travelled to Villers-Bretonneux during their European tour and held a commemorative service. This visit further strengthened ties, and lead to the people of the town raising a large sum of money to donate to a school in Victoria following the 2009 devastating bushfires.  

Hard cover, picture book, illustrated, 37 pages.