Australians awarded second edition

Clive Johnson SHOP:9780987338631

A comprehensive reference for military and civilian honours, decorations, awards, medals and official forms of recognition to Australians since 1770 to 2013.

The definitive reference work for collectors, historians and investors alike has been compiled over the past 15 years. It includes ribbon charts incorporating historical and current awards; detailed tables for types of awards; numbers issued, values, font types, medal types, ribbons, clasps, official badges, plaques, scrolls, certificates and detail for entitlement.

This updated 2014 second edition of Australians Awarded also includes the only comprehensive listing of foreign orders and decorations to Australians between 1850 and 2013, as well as state-by-state multi-jurisdictional internal forms of recognition and awards. All of this is studied and explained, with images and extensive historical text.

Hard cover, photographs, 768 pages.

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