Australian Eagles - signed and numbered limited edition

Kristen Alexander

The Battle of Britain was the world’s first great air battle. Fought between 10 July–31 October 1940, it was a turning point of the Second World War.

Australian Eagles tells the stories of five Australian pilots and one adopted Australian who successfully defended Britain against the Luftwaffe onslaught. They rank among the nearly 3,000 men known as ‘The Few’ - Jack Kennedy, Dick Glyde, Stuart Walch, Des Sheen, John Crossman and James Coward.  

Three of the Australian Eagles were trained by the RAAF. One escaped death three times, one lost his leg, and four died. Kristen Alexander vividly describes their training, combat and victories. She sensitively explores the impact of their achievements and loss on those who loved them.

Hard cover, photographs, 187 pages.

Signed and numbered limited edition copies are available while stocks last.

Australian Eagles - signed and numbered limited edition