Quiet and loyal spirit: commemorating Chinese Australian military service

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Chinese were among the first settlers as members of the first fleet in 1788. Since the gold rush in the nineteenth century Chinese Australians have contributed to the development of our nation's economy and culture.

While the Chinese Australians are generally considered as quiet obedient law abiding citizens, few Australians are aware of their outstanding courage, commitment and determination in defending our nation as members of the armed forces since the Boer war. More than 200 Chinese Anzacs fought bravely for Australia during the First World War. While they overcame the White Australia Policy which prevented any man who was not white from signing up to go to war. Some 36 Chinese Australian Anzacs fought and died with the First Australian Imperial Force on Gallipoli.

During the Second World War many Chinese Australian men and women served in the armed forces including the Royal Australian Air Force, nursing, the merchant navy in Australia and overseas. Some saw action in Borneo and Papua New Guinea. Today Chinese Australians continue this service to Australia in the Australian Defence Force and Australian Defence Force Reserve.

On the occasion of the Centenary of Gallipoli and the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War, this publication on the military history reminds us of the contribution of Chinese Australians to the development of our nation.

In accepting this loyal contribution of quiet sacrifice as part of our heritage, it will encourage multicultural Australians of all racial and religious backgrounds that we have a duty to protect our nation, to defend our democracy and the freedom of the way of life we enjoy today.

Soft cover, photographs, 60 pages.

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