ANZAC journeys - Returning to the battlefields of World War Two

Bruce Scates

Australians have been making pilgrimages to the battlefields and cemeteries of the Second World War since the 1940s, from the jungles of New Guinea and South-East Asia to the mountains of Greece and the deserts of North Africa. They travel in search of the stories of lost loved ones, to mourn the dead and to come to grips with the past.

With characteristic empathy, Bruce Scates charts the history of pilgrimages to Crete, Kokoda, Sandakan and Hellfire Pass. He explores the emotional significance that these sites have for those who served and those who remember. ANZAC Journeys offers insights into the culture of loss and commemoration and the hunger for meaning so pivotal to the experience of pilgrimage. ANZAC Journeys makes a moving contribution to Australian military history.

Hard cover, photographs, maps, 328 pages.