To win the battle

Robert Stevenson

The 1st Australian Division in the Great War, 1914 - 1918.

In 1915 the 1st Australian Division led the way ashore at Gallipoli and later seized and held Lone Pine. In 1916 it achieved the first Australian victory on the Western Front at Pozières. It was still serving with distinction in the battles that led to the defeat of the German army in 1918.

This important book provides a balanced assessment of the factors that led to the division's success. Drawing extensively on primary sources as well as recent scholarship, this fresh approach suggests that the early reputation of Australia's premier division was probably higher than its performance warranted. Robert Stevenson shows that the division's later success was founded on the capacity of its commanders and staff to administer, train and adapt to the changing conditions on the battlefield, rather than on the innate qualities of its soldiers. 

To Win the Battle explains how the 1st Australian Division rose from obscurity to forge a reputation as one of the great fighting formations of the British Empire during the First World War, earning a place in history and forming a central part of the ANZAC legend.

Hard cover, photographs, maps, 306 pages.