Australia 1942: In the shadow of war

Edited by Peter Dean (with foreword by Kim Beazley)

The shadow of modern war reached Australia's shores in 1942. In this compelling new volume, leading historians explore why this was such a pivotal year in Australia's history. This broad-ranging study covers key aspects, including the role of the Air Force and the Navy; the bombing of Darwin; and the battles of Kokoda, Milne Bay, the Beachheads and Guadalcanal. Australia 1942 also provides an in-depth exploration of the controversy surrounding the potential for invasion. Japanese and Australian historians offer perspectives on Japanese military intentions and strategies towards Australia and the South Pacific.

Contributors include David Horner, Pam Oliver, Albert Palazzo, Kate Darian-Smith, Ross McMullin, Hiroyuki Shindo, Steve Bullard and more.

Hard cover, maps, illustrations, 280 pages.

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Australia 1942: In the shadow of war