Australia 1943: the liberation of New Guinea

Edited by Peter J. Dean SHOP:9781107037991

By January 1943 Australia had emerged from the shadow of war in a strong position. The victories of 1942 at Kokoda, Guadalcanal, Buna, Gona and Sanananda had secured the northern coastlines of Papua and Australia. Australian forces were now poised for a full-scale offensive to liberate New Guinea from the Japanese, the largest and most complicated operation in their history. Australia 1943 explores the high point of Australia's influence on operations and strategy in the south-west Pacific, a campaign that has been traditionally overshadowed by the drama of Kokoda. It investigates critical operations from January 1943 to April 1944, including Salamaua, Lae/Nadzab, Finschhafen, Shaggy Ridge, the Markham Valley and the Huon Peninsula. Australia 1943 is the first detailed single-volume study of Australia's military operations in the Pacific during 1943 – Australia's 'finest hour' in the Second World War.

Edited by Peter J Dean, this book takes a collection of experts to explore the critical campaigns of 1943 in both an accessible and scholarly manner. The foreword is written by the Hon. Dr Brendan Nelson, Director, Australian War Memorial. It includes Japanese perspectives, detailed maps, charts and illustrations.

Contributors include: Peter Dean, David Horner, Hiroyuki Shindo, Kevin C Holzimmer, Mark Johnston, Ian Pfenningwerth, Ross Mallett, Karl James, Lachlan Grant and Garth Pratten

Hard cover, 309 pages.

You may also be interested in Peter J Dean's previous book Australia 1942: In the shadow of war.

As reviewed in Wartime magazine issue 66 – the official magazine of the Australian War Memorial.


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