Shame and the captives MP3 audio book

Tom Keneally

In Gawell, New South Wales, a prisoner of war camp to house European, Korean and Japanese captives is built close to a farming community. Alice is a young woman living a dull life with her father in law on his farm while her new husband first fights, then is taken prisoner, in Greece. When Giancarlo, an Italian POW and anarchist from Gawell’s camp, is assigned to work on their farm, Alice’s view of the world and her self- knowledge are dramatically expanded. But what most challenges Alice and the town is the foreignness of the Japanese compound and its culture, entirely perplexing to the inmates’ captors. Driven by a desperate need to validate the funerals already held for them in Japan, the prisoners vote to take part in a breakout which will shatter the certainties and safeties of all who inhabit the region.

This unabridged production is read by Paul English & Heather Bolton.  Duration 12 hours 35 minutes on 1 MP3 CD, file size 530MB.

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