Horrie the war dog audio book

Roland Perry

The story of Australia's most famous dog.

In the harsh Libyan Desert in the middle of the Second World War, Private Jim Moody, a signaller with the First Australian Machine Gun Battalion, found a starving puppy on a sand dune. Moody called the dog Horrie. Much more than a mascot, Horrie's exceptional hearing picked up the whine of enemy aircraft two minutes before his human counterparts and repeatedly saved the lives of the thousand strong contingent.  When the war was finished and Horrie smuggled back home, quarantine officers pounced and demanded that the dog be put down, prompting a huge public outcry. Was Horrie, the gunner's hero, condemned to die or could Moody devise a scheme to save him?

In the finest ANZAC tradition, Horrie the war dog is a story of intrigue and illusion, and of sacrifice, courage and loyalty.

This unabridged production is read by David Tredinnick . Duration 9 hours 15 minutes on 8 CDs, with tracks every 3 minutes for easy bookmarking.