The Great War in 3D

Jean-Pierre Verney, Jerome Pecnard and Michael Stephenson

See The Great War in 3D, with this sturdy, metal stereoscopic viewer and 35 stereoscopic photographs of some of the most compelling moments captured on film during the First World War.

An illustrated book provides a brief history of war photography and an overview of the war from 1914 through the Treaty of Versailles, including the European campaigns and naval battles, focusing  mainly on the lives of the soldiers. Special chapters include Christmas on the Front, comics from French illustrator Gus Bofa and British cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather who served during the war, excerpts from letters of POWs, a section about living in the trenches, the earthen works, meals, medical care and more.

Detailed descriptions of the scenes depicted in each stereographic photograph are included on the back of each card, so the viewer will understand exactly what he or she is seeing.

Jean-Pierre Verney is a world-renown French historian, author, and collector of First World War memorabilia. He is the author of La Premiere Guerre Mondiale (2006), Recit de Guerre (2012), and is a major contributor to the highly popular ongoing graphic novel series Putain deGuerre.

Jerome Pecnard is a noted designer, photographer, and author of 27 books.

Michael Stephenson is an editor, military historian, and the author of numerous books including The Last Full Measure: How Soldiers Die in Battle and Patriot Battles: How the War of Independence Was Fought.

Boxed set, soft cover book, photographs, 176 pages.