Gallipoli revisited

Janda Gooding

Gallipoli revisited: in the footsteps of Charles Bean and the Australian Historical Mission serves to bring home to later generations the magnitude and humanly daunting nature of the conflict.” John A. Moses

The landing at Gallipoli has been described as the moment that Australia proved itself as a nation. But how is it that we know so much about this famous campaign, and how is it that so many artefacts survive today? In 1919 Australian war correspondent C.E.W. Bean returned to Gallipoli with a team of artists and photographers under the banner of the Australian Historical Mission. Their aim was to collect battlefield relics, make a photographic survey of the site and create new artworks that conveyed the power, trauma, and tragedy of this terrible conflict. Janda Gooding, from the Australian War Memorial, tells the story of the Mission and explores how its work helped to form the foundations of the Gallipoli story we know today. Gallipoli revisited is lavishly illustrated with images and artworks from the Memorial's collection.

Hard cover, illustrated throughout, 236 pages.