Weevils, War & Wallabies 1920-1945

Fair Dinkum Histories by Jackie French

Telling it like it really was - true-blue Aussie history!

The diggers of the First World War came back to an Australia still divided by class, gender and race. At least the country could celebrate during the "roaring twenties" but then the stock market crashed and we were plunged into the Great Depression. Times were tough, and would only get tougher with the start of another world war, this time much closer to home.

Come meet the flappers, cobbers, boofheads and drongos, Weary and the Rats, Big Red and The Don as Australia begins to forge a new identity. Weevils, war & wallabies is history as you've never seen it!

Cartoons and illustrations by Peter Sheehan. Soft cover, illustrated throughout, 132 pages.