Whispering Death: Australian Airmen in the Pacific War

Mark Johnston

In Whispering death, Mark Johnston vividly describes how more than 130,000 Australian airmen fought Japan, from the Pacific War's first hours in 1941 to its last in 1945. They clashed over a vast area, from India to Noumea, and from Bass Strait to the Philippines.

February 1942 brought the RAAF its darkest hour: the bombing of Darwin, which no Australian fighter planes contested. But Australian air crews went on to win or contribute to great aerial victories. Pilots such as Clive "Killer" Caldwell became household names, and certain aircraft also caught the public imagination, such as the Spitfire, Kittyhawk, and the plane dubbed "Whispering death" - the Beaufighter.

Based on thousands of official and private documents, Whispering death makes for compelling reading.

Soft cover, photographs, 513 pages.