Simpson's Donkey: A Wartime Journey to Gallipoli and Beyond

Peter Stanley

Everyone has heard of the donkey that John Simpson used to carry wounded men at Gallipoli during the First World War. He is the most famous donkey in history, but we really know very little about him. He appears in history for a few weeks and then disappears.

Historian Peter Stanley asks where Simpson's donkey might have come from, and what might have happened to him after Simpson was killed.

Simpson's donkey takes us on a journey around the countries of the Mediterranean during the First World War. Gallipoli is only a part of this story. Simpson's donkey encounters Arabs, Australians, Britons, Greeks, Indians, New Zealanders and Turks - and kindness, cruelty, love and friendship - as he journeys far from home and back again.

Soft cover, illustrated, 160 pages.