Zombie Myths of Australian military history

edited by Craig Stockings

Many books on Australian military history have given rise to a host of 'zombie' myths - myths that refuse to die. A great many have strong commemorative and celebratory tradition and aim to entertain or memorialise the gallant deeds of past Australian servicemen. In this book leading historians tackle ten of the most enduring historical zombies that have staggered their way through the annal of our nation's military history. From the mistaken idea that there was no Aboriginal resistance to occupation, to misplaced sentiment surrounding Breaket Morant, Gallipoli as a near success, the conspiracies around the sinking of the HMAS Sydney, Japanese designs to invade Australia during the Second World War, up to the success of East Timor - this book seeks to lay these zombies to rest for all time.

Soft cover, 275 pages.