The Anzac book

Written and illustrated in Gallipoli by the men of Anzac SHOP:9781742231341

The Anzac book became the finest “trench publication” produced during the Great War, and was an instant bestseller when first released in 1916. Created by soldiers under enemy fire and in extreme hardship, the illustrations, stories, cartoons and poems were intended as a Christmas and New Year diversion for soldiers facing a harsh winter in the trenches on Gallipoli. This long-awaited third edition is a reproduction of the original book, with a new foreword by acclaimed author Les Carlyon, an introduction from Australian War Memorial historian Ashley Ekins, and added material originally rejected by the editor, official war correspondent C.E.W. Bean. This is a quality reproduction, reminiscent of the finest publishing standards of that era, cloth-bound with marbled endpapers, and printed on high quality paper.

Third edition, hard cover, illustrated throughout, 240 pages.

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