What's wrong with ANZAC?

Marily Lake and Henry Reynolds with Mark McKenna and Joy Damousi

The militarisation of Australian history. In recent years ANZAC has become the dominant force within Australian history. The commemoration of ANZAC Day is bigger than ever, while Remembrance Day, VE Day, VP Day and other military anniversaries grow in significance each year. Pilgrimages to Gallipoli, the Somme and Kokoda are commonplace and popular military history dominates the bestseller lists. ANZAC has seemingly become a sacred, untouchable element of the nation. In this brave and controversial book, some of Australia’s leading historians dare to ask questions about ANZAC. They suggest that the ANZAC obsession distorts our understanding of the past, replacing historical fact with mythology. Finally—and perhaps most devastatingly—they ask whether the grief and loss associated with bloodshed on foreign shores have been justified. Soft cover, 183 pages.