Before the Anzac Dawn

Edited by Craig Stockings and John Connor

This is a comprehensive and compelling account of Australian military history before any soldier set foot on Gallipoli. Showing that pre-1915 military history has largely been forgotten, Before the Anzac dawn describes both traditional warfare among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the frontier wars between white settlers and Indigenous inhabitants, the establishing of colonial navies, the redcoats who guarded the colonies, and Australians fighting against New Zealand Maori, and in wars in Sudan and the Crimea. This is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the whole story of Australia’s military history.

Contributors include: Greg Blake, John Connor, Damien Fenton, Andrew Kilsby, Augustine Meaher IV, Jonathan Richards, Peter Stanley, Craig Stockings, Greg Swinden and Craig Wilcox.

Soft cover, 352 pages.