Reg Saunders: an Indigenous war hero

Hugh Dolan and Adrian Threlfall SHOP:9781742234243

* Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that deceased people are represented throughout this publication. *


Soldier, Leader, Commissioned Army Officer: Meet Captain Reg Saunders, Second World War Hero.

The little-known story of Reg Saunders, the first Indigenous Australian to become an officer in the Army, retold in action-packed graphic format. Reg Saunders MBE (1920–1990) not only survived the Second World War battlefields in the Middle East, North Africa, Greece, Crete and New Guinea, but excelled as a military leader. He was recommended for officer training and, in 1944, returned to New Guinea as a platoon commander – the first Aboriginal Australian to serve as a commissioned officer. What happened during the war to transform a determined young man from country Victoria into a war hero – one who would go on to serve with distinction in the Korean War, and become a pioneering figure for Indigenous rights?


Soft cover, colour comic/graphic novel, 56 pages.

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