The lost legions of Fromelles: The true story of the most dramatic battle in Australia's history

Peter Barton

Author Peter Barton gave a talk at the Australian War Memorial on 1 July 2014, about this authoritative book.

Controversial and ground breaking, Peter Barton’s authoritative book on the battle of Fromelles -  the worst day in Australia's entire military history.

The action at Fromelles in July 1916 is Australia’s most catastrophic military failure. The narrative has always appeared simple, but in truth the 14-hour clash had influential precedents that controlled and even predicted the bloody consequences: history did not unfold in the way we have for so long been led to believe.

Using primary sources from Bavarian archives, Peter Barton has written an authoritative and revelatory book on Fromelles. He describes its long and surprising genesis, and offers an unexpected account of the fighting; he investigates the interrogation of Anglo-Australian prisoners, and the results of shrewd German propaganda techniques. The circumstances surrounding the 'missing' Pheasant Wood graves are explored, and new perspectives are brought to the writings of Charles Bean.

Combining fresh military scholarship with an account of recent events, this compelling and illuminating history dispels many a myth surrounding one of the bloodiest battlefields of the Great War.

Peter Barton was the Fromelles Project historian and has spent ten years researching this story. A documentary film-maker, archaeologist and respected First World War author, he has written a series of acclaimed books.

Soft cover, 448 pages.

As reviewed in Wartime magazine issue 69 – the official magazine of the Australian War Memorial.