Keep your head down

Nathan Mullins

A brutally honest, poignant and at times hilarious account of fighting in Afghanistan with the 2 Commando Company of the Australian Army Reserve.

Nathan Mullins deployed to Afghanistan as a Special Forces Commando. Spearheading Australia's Special Operations troops, he and other Australians sought the Taliban in the valleys and hills of Uruzgan through Afghanistan's harsh winter, while attempting to bring a human face to the villagers caught in the middle of the fighting. These Commando’s lived with the daily threat of roadside bombs, ambush and fire fights, where survival meant learning to read the signs to determine friend from foe. They did what they could to relieve the awful effects of war on the men, women and children of the civilian population caught in the crossfire.

These were not your regular soldiers. They had trained for years for the role but these were citizen soldiers, reservists who had put aside their usual jobs as salesmen, farmers, scientists, lawyers and students to fight Australia's 'war on terror'.

Nathan Mullins isn't a typical Special Forces soldier. In his day job he is the International Program Manager for Australian Volunteers International, a humanitarian organisation that responds to disasters and emergencies around the globe.

Soft cover, photographs, 347 pages.