One crowded hour audio book

Tom Bowden

Combat cameraman – Neil Davis (1934 – 1985).

The bestselling biography of one of the world's greatest cine-cameramen and an extraordinary Australian.

For over twenty years journalist Neil Davis covered the conflicts in South East Asia. Always at the battle front, he brought enduring images of the full horror of modern war to the world. Ironically, in September 1985, having survived so much war, Neil Davis was killed filming an attempted coup in the streets of Bangkok.

The last two CDs on this audio book contain the Nail Davis Tapes, which are Tim Bowden’s original interviews and location recordings with Neil Davis.

This audio book is unabridged and has tracks every 3 minutes for easy bookmarking. It is read by Tim Bowden and Nicholas Bell.  Duration 16 hours 10 minutes on 14 CDs.

One crowded hour audio book