Air Force: Inside the new era of Australian air power MP3 audio book

Ian McPhedran

Air Force tells the exclusive, inside story of the modern Royal Australian Air Force in the action-packed period from East Timor and the Bali bombings to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Award-winning journalist and bestselling author Ian McPhedran takes us to the heart of the RAAF through personal accounts of fighter pilots' bombing raids over Iraq, of hi-tech spy planes over Afghanistan, of the operational nerve centre of the Middle East war and of the men and women who deliver humanitarian aid across the world.

This is the compelling narrative, in the RAAF’s 90th year, of its aircraft, leadership, traditions and personalities at a time of rapid change, as technology propels it into the next generation of air power and the futuristic era of stealth.

This unabridged production  is read by Richard Aspel.  Duration 14 hours 6 minutes on 1 MP3 CD, file size 584MB.

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