Stubborn buggers

Tim Bowden

There was a place far worse than Changi - Singapore's Outram Road Gaol. Deprivation here was so extreme that there really was a fate worse than death.

Stubborn Buggers is the story of twelve Australian Prisoners of War who endured and survived the Thai-Burma Railway and Sandakan, then the unimaginable hardships of Outram Road Gaol. It is a story of how they dealt with the brutality of the Japanese military police, the feared Kempeitai, and how they found a way to go on living even when facing a future of no hope and slow death.

Tim Bowden’s book is about more than suffering and brutality. It is also a story of grit, determination and larrikin humour. It is very much about the triumph of the human spirit.

Soft cover, photographs, 264 pages.