Canberra red - stories from the bush capital

David Headon and Andrew Mackenzie

From the humble red brick houses scattered around the lake to the grand monuments designed to reflect the aspirations of a new nation, Canberra is one of the great planned cities of the world. This collection explores the stories of its people and institutions, and reflects on what has become of the great vision of Walter Burley Griffin a century on.

Dragged from the big metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne in the 1920s, a first generation of federal government workers settled into humble red brick Canberra 'govvies' on the brown paddocks of the Limestone Plains. They complained about the cold and the lack of pubs. But over time, like the first pioneers a century earlier, they embraced their new home.

In Canberra red some of Canberra's best known writers reveal what it is that makes their special city tick, and what has become of the grand vision of Walter Burley Griffin and his extraordinary partner, Marion.

Soft cover, photographs, 280 pages.