Blood, sweat and valour

Steve Brew

41 Squadron RAF, August 1942 - May 1945: a biographical history.

Having celebrated its 95th Anniversary in 2011, 41 Squadron Royal Air Force is one of the oldest RAF Squadrons in existence. It has seen service from the First World War through policing duties in the Middle East in the 1930s, throughout the Second World War, and more recently in the First Gulf War. Sadly, however, its history has never been written.

Blood, Sweat and Valour is the first comprehensive study of this gallant squadron, concentrating on its Second World War activity. Steve Brew recounts the unit’s role within battles, operations, offensives and larger strategies, and details experiences made by the pilots and ground crew participating in them.

Sources include over 350 documents from 41 Squadron’s archives, and thousands of pages of data from over 250 National Archives files and hundreds of references from the London Gazette, major periodicals, books and websites from across the globe in both English and German. Personal sources also include 35 pilots’ logbooks, 40 personal accounts and interviews.

Hard cover, illustrations, photographs, 1088 pages.