These wonderful rumours

Mary Smith

'The People's War' comes to life in this wonderful diary of life on the Home Front in Britain during the Second World War.

At the outbreak of War, young school teacher May Smith was twenty four. She lived in a small village near Derby with her parents, and taught at the local elementary school. The war brought many changes: evacuees arrived in the village; nights were broken by the wail of the sirens as bombers flew overhead; the young men of May's circle donned khaki and disappeared to far-flung places to 'do their bit'. But a great deal remained the same: May still enjoyed tennis parties, holidays and going shopping for new outfits - coupons and funds permitting. And it was during these difficult times that May fell in love. These wonderful rumours gives a unique and surprising insight into life on the Home Front. Through May’s observant, witty and sometimes criticising diary, we gain a new understanding of how the people of Britain coped with the uncertainty, the heartbreak and the black comedy of life during wartime.

Hard cover, 416 pages.