War Correspondent

Jean Hood

This book presents a lively discussion about the role of the war correspondent, news gathering in a war zone, and the influence of technology on war reporting. Fully international in its approach, the book examines themes of propaganda, censorship and responsibility, and the impact of those iconic frontline despatches and photographs of the last century that have crystallised the public perception of the war zone.

The book unfolds chronologically, with each chapter focusing on a particular war or group of conflicts. The narrative unfolds through the enterprising and often tragic lives and experiences of the key war correspondents of the period, from the age of print, through the impact of photojournalism to the ascendancy of TV bulletins and the rise of digital technology, which brings a startling immediacy and intimacy to the war zone. Beautifully illustrated with black-and-white prints, colour reportage, and the best examples of war art. 

Hard cover, photographs, 224 pages



War Correspondent