Stalin's general - The life of Georgy Zhukov

Geoffrey Roberts

Marshal Georgy Zhukov played a decisive role in the battles of Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk that brought down the Nazi regime. He was the first of the Allied generals to enter Berlin and it was he who took the German surrender. He led the huge victory parade in Red Square, riding a white horse, and then stood shoulder to shoulder with Stalin but later provoked the Soviet dictator’s envy.

His post-war career was equally eventful and since his death in 1974, Zhukov has increasingly been seen as the indispensable military leader of the Second World War.

Making use of hundreds of documents from Russian military archives, as well as unpublished versions of Zhukov’s memoirs, Geoffrey Roberts presents this full scale biography of a great general who fought ruthlessly on the battlefield but never mastered the Soviet political game.

Soft cover, photographs, maps, 375 pages.

Stalin's general - The life of Georgy Zhukov