The manner of men

Stuart Tootal

9 PARA's Heroic D-Day Mission.

In June 1944, an elite unit of British paratroopers was sent on a daring, highly risky behind-the-lines mission, which was vital to the success of D-Day. Dropping ahead of the main Allied invasion, 9 PARA were to destroy an impregnable German gun battery. If they failed, thousands of British troops landing on the beaches were expected to die. But their mission was flawed and started to go wrong from the moment they jumped from their aircraft above Normandy. Only twenty per cent of the unit made it to the objective and half of them were killed or wounded during the attack. Undermanned and lacking equipment and ammunition, the survivors held a critical part of the invasion beachhead. For six bloody days, they defended the Breville Ridge against vastly superior German forces and bore the brunt of Rommel's attempt to turn the left flank of the Allied invasion.

This is an epic account of courage beyond the limits of human endurance, where paratroopers prevailed despite intelligence failures and higher command blunders.

Hard cover, photographs, 384 pages.