Night after night: New Zealanders in Bomber Command

Max Lambert

While the fighter aces in their Hurricanes and Spitfires have had their Second World War exploits well celebrated, most of us know much less about the contribution made by thousands of New Zealanders who fought and died one of England′s most potent weapons - Bomber Command. In this detailed history, full of facts, figures, names, anecdotes and both humorous and harrowing examples, Night after night is a deeply moving account that is fulsome in detail and personal material provided by survivors, family members, colleagues and fellow serviceman.

1850 young New Zealand airmen died in bombers flying from British bases during the war. Many more were wounded and others became POWs after surviving horrendous crashes and forced landings.

Soft cover, photographs, 528 pages.

Night after night: New Zealanders in Bomber Command