Nice day for a war

Chris Slane and Matt Elliott

Adventures of a Kiwi soldier in World War 1.

Nice day for a war tells the story of a generation. A totally unique graphic novel about New Zealand soldiers in the First World War, based on the diaries of the author’s grandfather.

Cyril Elliott was a boy when he enlisted to fight, lured by the idea of exciting travel and adventure. What he found was quite different. But misery and terror were made easier by Kiwi humour, mates, and writing a diary. Corporal Elliott’s grandson Matt teams with award winning cartoonist Chris Slane to tell the story of Cyril and his mates. Nice day for a war aims to capture what the new experiences of war were like for the young soldiers, and tells what it was like to be in the Flanders trenches of 1917.

Winner of New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults (non-fiction) 2012.

Soft cover, illustrated, photographs, 96 pages.