The desert war then and now

Jean Paul Pallud

Following Mussolini’s declaration of war in June 1940, Italy faced only British troops based in the Middle East, but as the armed confrontation in the Western Desert of North Africa escalated, other nations were drawn in — Germany, Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand, France and finally the United States. They waged the first major tank battles of the Second World War.

Jean Paul and his camera visited just prior to the recent civil war in Libya and the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011, so he was fortunate to capture the locations before yet another war left its trail of death and destruction.

Although the campaign in 1940-43 was dominated largely by armour, the Allies lost over 250,000 men killed, wounded, missing and captured and the Axis 620,000. Those that never came home lie in cemeteries scattered across the barren landscape of a battlefield that has changed little in over 70 years.

Hard cover, photographs, maps, 592 pages.