From the uttermost ends of the earth

John H Gray

The New Zealand Division on the Western Front 1916-1918. A history and guide to its battlefields.

With the centennial of the beginning of the First World War approaching, this book is the successor to Colonel Hugh Stewart’s The New Zealand Division 1916-1919, a popular history based on official records, published in 1921.

The New Zealand Divisions campaign in France and Flanders was the birth of the modern New Zealand Army. Its story tells of national sacrifice. 13,467 New Zealanders died in its ranks in two and a half years; more than in all three armed services combined in the six years of the Second World War. Long in the shadow of the Gallipoli legend, the campaign in France and Belgian Flanders warrants equal prominence in New Zealands national consciousness.

This comprehensive military history is unique, as it also incorporates a detailed logistical guide to the battlefields which is of great value to those planning a visit to where their fore-fathers fought, and a description of the contemporary Western Front. This is in the form of a 12- day pilgrimage diary.

Hard cover, photographs, maps, 408 pages.